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Mount: Twintania

There are wyverns. Wyverns everywhere. - Vath Drone

DescriptionSummon forth Twintania, an ancient wyvern who secretly dreams of freedom...and devouring you.
LoreBound to eternal thralldom via an Allagan neurolink, this ancient wyvern from the southern continent of Meracydia will remain a loyal servant as long as you possess its identification key.
How to ObtainPromotions: Obtained as reward through the "Recruit a Friend" campaign by obtaining and spending 15 gold chocobo feathers.
Patch Released:3.0: Heavensward


25,034 minion hunters have this mount. That's 8.2% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Juggalo Scheib of MalboroAlamer Ragnarok of RagnarokMumbo Jumbo of FaerieLevin Windblade of CoeurlSinsy Draven of JenovaEliza Reikswald of RagnarokLuna Goldtatze of ShivaKikurage Perochang of ChocoboYssen Van of BalmungFelix Silvestris of TonberryJordao Longinus of PhoenixInfinity Zero of BalmungArtorias Astora of LamiaEmma Grimm of ZodiarkMithrasurga Lumia of ZodiarkAvsaris Scientia of UltrosResh'a Epocan of BalmungEcho Kalari of GilgameshTauriel Baenre of LamiaJago Alexander of GoblinNei Star of BehemothPonoel Erin of IfritNoirhime Jade of MoogleFluffy Cottontail of AdamantoiseAva Xahax of DiabolosKaori Ryu of BehemothAnteya Deriul of SargatanasKurenai Roze of LeviathanSumi Polaali of AdamantoiseXena Min of GoblinBruce' Lee of BehemothPhen Deazur of SargatanasDelyraide Darkstar of CerberusSegaan Dreamcaster of PhoenixPlebe Didz of TonberrySomnus Leonhart of GoblinGete Bola of PhoenixKagura Izanami of UltimaRoku Avata of SargatanasPhenrir Mailoki of ZodiarkMyscha Rehl of LichKwasi Attah of BalmungNuru Chan of FenrirAiden Brandt of TonberryLinx Meek of MasamuneYukii Kogyoku of ShivaCurtus Rumblebelly of CactuarSomething Diabolikal of ExcaliburChris Drake of CactuarNacho Cheese of Hyperion

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