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Mount: Twintania

There are wyverns. Wyverns everywhere. - Vath Drone

DescriptionSummon forth Twintania, an ancient wyvern who secretly dreams of freedom...and devouring you.
LoreBound to eternal thralldom via an Allagan neurolink, this ancient wyvern from the southern continent of Meracydia will remain a loyal servant as long as you possess its identification key.
How to ObtainPromotions: Obtained as reward through the "Recruit a Friend" campaign by obtaining and spending 15 gold chocobo feathers.
Patch Released:3.0: Heavensward


25,034 minion hunters have this mount. That's 8.2% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Munchausen Byproxy of HyperionMathias Ironheart of BalmungSilvarincia Ariadune of GilgameshKira Sa'kage of LamiaMissy Panthera of RagnarokCosmic Undoing of LeviathanDante Rontremont of GilgameshMarceline Persim of MalboroFree Willy of GilgameshJeannot Legrand of HyperionMitsuha Kastle of CerberusLif Emiya of LeviathanMighty Crown of ValeforTugumi Kamituki of TiamatPopo Lafuu of FenrirRyko Ryujin of RagnarokOdowla Wetae of GilgameshYucka Renge of ShinryuMinerva Meowmix of MalboroApop Tic of BehemothMathis Atreia of MandragoraPhantom Z' of RagnarokSeika Nijusei of CerberusSyler Wesa of MidgardsormrYabenzo Tayuun of BalmungRhingo Hatake of RagnarokRukiki Ruki of BrynhildrAbel Blackwood of SargatanasRa'xiaz Rix'ae of ExcaliburPekka Kahkol of BalmungShiro Harasaki of AegisChromie Chrome of MoogleNano Kyaa of FenrirX'linh Malkin of MalboroSnoochie Boochie of SirenKaede Tsubasa of GungnirArthur Banecroft of MidgardsormrSeseli Seli of BalmungKiosha Bloodraven of MidgardsormrChione Rikka of MasamuneVox Chaotica of UltrosRumi Yumi of BalmungReeko Atb of OdinSykes Kurosa of GilgameshSelerius Sterre of JenovaRally Ravern of SargatanasZeenat Dagrant of RagnarokLucia Lecount of DiabolosJeremy Crowe of ExcaliburAlan Witter of Hades

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