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Mount: Warbear

How do you like my pets? Not too playful for you, I hope? - Beast Trainer

DescriptionSummon forth your fearless warbear, veteran of a thousand battles, to fill your enemies with dread.
LoreIn generations past, warriors seeking fame and glory would journey out into the untamed wilds of Abalathia's Spine in search of the giant grizzled bears that roamed the mountains, and would wrestle the beasts into submission, riding their prizes back to civilization. That is, or die trying.
How to ObtainAchievement Rewards: Obtain "But Somebody's Gotta Do It (Warrior)" achievement by completing 200 high-level full party duties as a warrior.

Once achieved, talk to Jonathan at Apkallu Falls in Old Gridania.
Patch Released:2.2: Through the Maelstrom


14,458 minion hunters have this mount. That's 4.8% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Risimo Daa of BahamutLocal Man of BalmungEthereal Celesta of ChocoboMal Ice of GilgameshLord Panda of OdinJhohalva Dzur of RidillMyrrial Alexi of HyperionLothor Vaughn of UltrosCoda Ardan of ExcaliburMiko Solaris of ExcaliburTommy Tommy of TyphonSiege Zerosaki of BahamutKiisu Toyo of BehemothSaik Areus of CerberusHaruna Nomizu of GilgameshXavier Oathbreaker of DiabolosCrimson Tinted of BalmungKiyoe Taka of OdinTroi Tyton of BalmungWolfred Blackwater of TonberryZalestra Howl of MalboroEmirio Glory of CarbuncleW'eltanin Keryoh of RagnarokJocelyn Appleby of MoogleSherry Deswamp of ValeforRochelle Kim of GilgameshPan Tone of SargatanasAridius Filius of FaerieZtinymage Solomon of RagnarokIvory Braveheart of RagnarokNon Onzo of CactuarEyrika Lancaster of LeviathanLilli Gant of BalmungElly Rose of BahamutAthena Nyx of GoblinRye Bulleit of ExodusPatchouli Seiren of TiamatLinkster Pendragon of BalmungNagiya Sechi of AlexanderMiso Pon of IxionEoran Fallon of OdinAgre Fasma of BrynhildrXena Morningstar of OdinRay Rin of MandragoraAsys Alpha of KujataAzuina Windsong of UltrosNabasheen Masamune of GilgameshDusk Shinra of CoeurlProfessor Layton of MidgardsormrRhea Moonflower of Balmung

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