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Mount: Whisper A-go-go

Ye gads! What was thatflash from the heavens?It nearly blinded me! - Gilgamesh

DescriptionSummon forth the Whisper A-go-go. A flashy upgrade to a small flying vessel designed in the likeness of a Yo-kai named Whisper.
LoreMoved by your unyielding dedication and patronage, the wandering executive once again commissioned the architects of the Gold Saucer, this time to upgrade the Whisper-go as a gift from himself and his friend, the wandering minstrel.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.35: Revenge of the Horde (3.35)


14,682 minion hunters have this mount. That's 4.8% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Koyuki Crown of TiamatSultan Moonlight of OdinLai Escude of FenrirXumka Ganajai of CerberusMomo Mon of ChocoboLisanna Derpalicious of CerberusCosmic Undoing of LeviathanLucy Cu'rossi of TiamatLeeke Zacchi of TonberryAmaris Skye of ExcaliburMochizuki Chiyome of TonberrySathla Felidae of DurandalCalluna Vulgaris of SargatanasRynkyle Osbernian of TonberryCeladore Darko of CerberusThya Epocan of MalboroNaru Nakano of GilgameshLeaf'ir Goatherd of RamuhFluzie Jenkins of PhoenixElina Anko of IfritTeriyaki Soba of SirenRobin Velanor of JenovaAtwight Orlando of HadesKrauti Meetthecutthe of ShivaTempest Tide of GilgameshNick Highwind of GilgameshLokewen Shiki of RagnarokMagnolia Mona of BalmungRed Cromagnon of YojimboAgraya Glaston of ExcaliburKyulili Tanako of SargatanasSilverspear Moonlight of BehemothSword Coheir of HyperionAndre Zolwe of CactuarNoctis Kuroyami of PhoenixHailo Renlia of ExodusRoll Cake of BahamutMe Jane of BahamutElrohir Fefalas of RagnarokPhoenixx Rose of FaerieLucretia Nayeli of UltrosThermo Pylae of AlexanderNasty Fox of CarbuncleBlitz Skybeans of GarudaKilsche Jaeger of ChocoboLeo Knight of IxionPyca R'ca of ChocoboLoki Tiia of OdinOkami Amaterasu of SargatanasSerah Lightbrandt of Balmung

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