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Mount: Whisper A-go-go

Ye gads! What was thatflash from the heavens?It nearly blinded me! - Gilgamesh

DescriptionSummon forth the Whisper A-go-go. A flashy upgrade to a small flying vessel designed in the likeness of a Yo-kai named Whisper.
LoreMoved by your unyielding dedication and patronage, the wandering executive once again commissioned the architects of the Gold Saucer, this time to upgrade the Whisper-go as a gift from himself and his friend, the wandering minstrel.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.35: Revenge of the Horde (3.35)


14,682 minion hunters have this mount. That's 4.8% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Hyunami Takeda of FaerieSawa Falgar of UnicornAmonra Maou of RagnarokElwen North of UltrosValkari Anklebiter of CoeurlZohno Reecho of RagnarokDecien Phantomlord of RagnarokMaria Nagy of ShinryuJonel Alsan of HyperionMitz Stout of PandaemoniumEmmeryn Rosehilt of CactuarKrexor Salek of ExcaliburKyne Lyons of MidgardsormrLunna Ravenheart of RagnarokAdam Surlain of UltrosMona Hajex of MoogleNaxon Vek of CactuarKaeko Leta of ExcaliburTariko Tariko of RamuhSteph Tanner of TitanSuzuring E'z of MandragoraErielle Wrynn of ShivaRave Fourth of TonberryLucius Wolfe of FamfritBoabdil Duncan of MoogleKumiko Emi of LeviathanMoz Muramasa of CoeurlKorra Derkanen of PhoenixDyson Cyclone of MandragoraNari Taro of BahamutAmla Mahia of OdinEspen Aasheim of RagnarokAmun Kaze of AdamantoiseFahzewn Jukuren of AdamantoiseSarnai' Tumet of BalmungPrince Warwick of BehemothEnias Liosan of MidgardsormrLean Noctios of PhoenixUta Max of RamuhI'zual Neverdark of BalmungMoa Nyan of ChocoboAemon Ragnar of BalmungIliru Pyridae of LeviathanKeaira Stark of ExodusFiiria Fitsy of SargatanasKui Lotus of CoeurlTriple Mango of CactuarElliott Grey of AdamantoiseMjolnir's Wrath of Ragnarok

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