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Mount: Wyvern

A wyvern... I'd only ever heard stories about them. - Saintrelmaux

DescriptionSummon forth your wyvern, master of the skies and forever-loyal servant.
LoreFifty score years ago, this wyvern made a pact with a knight to aid in vanquishing evil from the skies. Even now, long after the knight's passing, the wyvern has kept that promise, ever circling the heavens?ignoring the calls of his brethren to take up arms against mankind.
How to ObtainElite Hunts: Obtained by trading 6 Clan Mark Logs, which cost 500 seals each.
Patch Released:3.1: As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness


25,970 minion hunters have this mount. That's 8.5% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Vespin Ccccd of ChocoboKrull Tepes of CoeurlRenka Rivanoir of TonberrySuomi Xenakis of GungnirKestral Negalia of LamiaHaku Setu of DurandalRyujin Redeyes of TonberryEpical Glow of ShivaKerrich Kojiki of ChocoboSpoony Bardsworth of HyperionTalla Khen of TonberryLeon Hardt of ChocoboPercimont Brisenoix of ExcaliburBadmin Ayumin of ChocoboJhemiya Ceero of OdinGalyna Key of CoeurlYufiru Volta of TonberryRevin Lightninghart of TonberryCecii Lunaris of LamiaAshaa Tarins of JenovaGorien Lockser of SargatanasRain Arshes of BeliasMikoto Aika of MidgardsormrMola Mola of DurandalSezetsu Phoenix of TonberryYuuky Kuran of RagnarokBlight Fang of AdamantoiseKenshin Takeda of HyperionReika Shiki of CoeurlMya Nishizumi of FamfritRyuhkin Naringo of ExcaliburLay Grandeur of AegisAlex Drake of ExcaliburSerena Nelhah of ZodiarkOhji Ota of TiamatRaigon Torkel of BehemothRonson Six of CactuarMusashi Katana of GilgameshToo Tall of HyperionCharlotte Shadowmoon of OdinGray- Fullbuster of PhoenixRionisu Merry of AnimaVivian Cerberus of BrynhildrAlphard Cohydrea of MalboroQaitakalnin Askavi of CactuarKoko Kernel of AnimaI'm Triggered of BehemothAstraea Syresia of TonberryCheeto Lays of ExcaliburZephirin Valhourdin of Gilgamesh

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