Due to real life and other hobbies, FFXIV has fallen to the wayside for me. As such, while I haven't given up on the Menagerie, I just don't have the time to dedicate to it that I once did. You'll be pleased to know that Minion Guide https://minionguide.com/ has started picking up my slack, and I wholeheartedly endorse them as a worthy successor to this site.

SPONSORS: I love you guys will all my everything for your support. You will always be sponsors, and I don't intend to take this site down (and may return to it someday), but it may be a long time before I can find time to work on it proper. Your benefits won't go away, but in good conscience, I cannot continue to accept donations for a site I'm not actively working on. As such donations will be disabled for the foreseeable future.

Due to a recent Lodestone update on March 31, 2017, character syncing does not work. The API I used to do this is no longer supported in PHP and was moved to NodeJS. As I do not (currently) have experience in NodeJS, nor do I have support for it enabled on this server (Which costs $15/month), it may take sometime to correct this issue. I will work on it as best I can and ask for your patience.

Patch Notes for April 24, 2015

General style changes have been made in an attempt to make information easier to read and be more visually appealing.

It is now possible to browse as a character.

  • Start browsing by visiting a character profile, and clicking the 'Browse as this character' button.
  • Browsing as a character will highlight various items throughout the site.
    • Owned minions/mounts will be highlighted in green.
    • Minions/mounts not owned will be highlighted in red.
    • Your character will be highlighted in green on any list that includes character avatars.

Minion interactions info has been added.

  • Minion pages will list all interactions specific to that minion. Generic interactions such as /handover causing independent minions to move to you are not included on individual minion pages.
  • A complete list of interactions (including generic interactions) are listed on the new Interactions page.

Site Sponsors and Contributors are marked by special Avatar border colors:

  • Site Admins are Orange.
  • Sponsors are Gold.
  • Contributors are Purple.

Tooltips have been added.

  • Tooltips show up on minion/mount icons.
  • Tooltips show up on character avatars.
  • Tooltips show up on text with a dotted underline.

Character syncing has been adjusted.

  • Profiles may be synced to the Lodestone every 48 hours.
  • The auto-sync will sync characters to the Lodestone every 2 weeks.
  • Sponsors may manually sync every 12 hours, and are auto-synced 48 hours ater their last sync.

Expanded character info has been added.

  • Character profiles now display: race, clan, nameday, guardian, city and grand company info.

Known Issues:

  • Checking ownership statistics by world has been temporarily removed in anticipation of an update to that feature.
  • Characters with the same name on the same server may not sync correctly. In the event that the incorrect character is pulled, please contact aqualin@xiv-minions.com

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