Due to real life and other hobbies, FFXIV has fallen to the wayside for me. As such, while I haven't given up on the Menagerie, I just don't have the time to dedicate to it that I once did. You'll be pleased to know that Minion Guide https://minionguide.com/ has started picking up my slack, and I wholeheartedly endorse them as a worthy successor to this site.

SPONSORS: I love you guys will all my everything for your support. You will always be sponsors, and I don't intend to take this site down (and may return to it someday), but it may be a long time before I can find time to work on it proper. Your benefits won't go away, but in good conscience, I cannot continue to accept donations for a site I'm not actively working on. As such donations will be disabled for the foreseeable future.

Due to a recent Lodestone update on March 31, 2017, character syncing does not work. The API I used to do this is no longer supported in PHP and was moved to NodeJS. As I do not (currently) have experience in NodeJS, nor do I have support for it enabled on this server (Which costs $15/month), it may take sometime to correct this issue. I will work on it as best I can and ask for your patience.

Patch Notes for June 05, 2015

Character Profile loading/syncing has been optimized.

  • Characters already stored on the Menagerie will now display their stored data first, before attempting to sync with the Lodestone. This has dramatically reduced the wait time to view your character's data.

The Auto Sync feature has been adjusted.

  • The Auto Sync now limits the number of alloted character updates to a number based upon how many characters are stored and the amount of time in the current auto-sync window (14 days). This is to help limit the number of large scale updates that occur due to large traffic spikes.
  • Automated Character addition in the auto sync is limited to the maxium alottment - the number of characters being updated.

The Statistics Page has been optimized.

  • Statistics are no longer "live" and are now tabulated every 20 minutes.
  • As such, querying the now stored statistics data has drastically improved loading time for global statistics.

Known Issues:

  • Due the recent explosion in stored characters (8,000 characters to now over 50,000) due to the addition of Free Companies, the Rankings system does not work due to limited system resources and un-optimized code. A patch addressing this issue is planned with hopes to be live prior to the release of Heavensward.
  • Characters from the Lodestone with the same name on the same server may not sync correctly. In the event that the incorrect character is pulled, please contact aqualin@xiv-minions.com

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