Upcoming Minions & Mounts

Did you try and find a minion listed that you've heard about, but couldn't find it? Well, this is the place to check for minions and mounts that we know are pending release. They could have been announced during a Live Letter, or perhaps the information was data-mined somehow. Either way, any minions that we know about that haven't been officially released in-game can be seen here!

'Unobtainable' Items

These are items that known data exists for in the game files. However, they have either yet to be acknowledged in official database or they are slated for a future release date and are currently unobtainable. These items will appear in the main listings when they are either in the official database OR our system detects that the item is owned.

Name Type Image
Wind-up Nidhoggminions
Eggshilaration Systemmounts
Flying Cumulusmounts

'Unreleased' Items

These are items have no known in-game data. They have either shown up via data-mining OR Square Enix has publically stated these are coming in a later patch. Any names are currently speculation.

Name Type Image Source
New Fatcat Minion Data-mined

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